Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Lust List: New Look

Saving for a wedding means less shopping. It means a lot more internet browsing! I was on the New Look website for a good hour today, adding all sorts to my basket and pretending like I could afford to buy them. Here are the pieces that made it in to my fantasy basket.

This skirt is right up my street. I love the stripes, the waist tie, and the cross over detail of the front.

I really like these sandals. The blue colour would pop against a tan and chances are I couldn't get them on my tiny, fat feet but that doesn't mean I wouldn't try and squeeze my piggies in! Beachy!

I have seen these frill dresses all over the place and I love the denim version that New Look has to offer. My shoulders are a part of my body that I quite like and I think this dress is just so cute and comfy. I would probably look about 12 wearing this but actually I don't even care!

Can you tell I am feeling the blues this season? This sweatshirt is adorable and exactly the type of thing I wear daily on the school run. 

More blue! I am obsessed with the colour way of this Missoni-inspired vest top. I'm not sure I could ever actually wear this; would my mum-tum be hanging out or could my 5'2 frame get away with it skimming my ruined belly button?

I purchased a pair of black dungarees a few months ago; half expecting never to wear them. I have actually worn them to death and would love a light wash pair for the warmer months. These are perfect!

I'm blue, da ba de da ba dai... This playsuit is heavenly. This is basically me in a garment. Long sleeves, shown off shoulders, stripes, waist defining. I really think I may have to pick this one up soon!

Oh I love this swimsuit. The colour is gorgeous, and is one that really suits my skin tone. I am not one for bikini's these days but I love that this swimsuit has the cute little cut out on the front, aswell as a low back. It doesn't feel quite as mumsy as most suits do and means I can still flash a bit of flesh; just the smooth, stretch mark free bits!

Overall I am pretty impressed with New Look at the mo. Now if only my fairy godmother could sneak a wee gift card underneath my pillow tonight...A girl can dream.

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