Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Late Night Blogging. Bravery and Parenting...

Something happened to me today which really put a smile on my face. I took the kids out to town and we went to the supermarket, then a quick trip to the park, and afterwards we went charity shopping. One of my favourite activities; but not one of their's it has to be said. I was in my local Helen & Douglas House browsing the books. 5 minutes prior Bryony had screamed the place down because she wanted to get out of her pushchair and play with Austin; me being me, I just let her get out and crawl on the floor. Yes, I let my crawling baby explore the floor of a charity shop. I do it multiple times a week because the sound of her shriek makes me so stressed. My kids are excitable, loud and bright eyed, and any outing is always  an interesting one with them in tow. As I don't have the option of a babysitter, we don't have family around, our kids come everywhere with us. If we need to go shopping, they come. If we want to get out for a meal, they come. Heck, we even take them with us to our local for a pint every now and again as it's the only way we can socialise with our friends. Lots of people may frown at this, but the fact of the matter is, we have no choice. Our kids are our life and our life is our kids.

Back to the charity shop; the kids were running (or in Bryony's case, crawling) riot pulling books off the shelves. I was telling them off every five seconds and getting flustered while looking through a bin of baby clothes. I gave a desperately apologetic look to the lady on the till and what happened next stunned me. She came over, knelt down, took my hands and said 'I can see you have your hands full, but you are doing brilliant m'love. Not many mothers would be as brave as you, well done for bringing them out to explore the world instead of shoving them infront of Peppa bloody Pig all afternoon'.

In that moment, I felt so proud of myself, I could have kissed that lovely lady. It goes to show people don't always make judgements and it gives me faith that there are plenty of kind people left in the world. It isn't something I had ever considered before; but you know what, I am brave. My kids are not easy, they are bloody hard work and need a lot of stimulation and I put my pride on the line every day to fulfill that need for them. Outings always end with at least one person in tears (usually that's me) but I always try and try again. If I feel like hopping in the car to the beach, off we go. Half of the time my funny little ideas end up in disaster but hey at least I give it a go. I am determined to keep my kids flexible and I get that from my mother as she is exactly the same; we went here there and everywhere with my mum and for that I thank her. She made sure we were well travelled and exposed to new things on a daily basis. Routine wasn't her forte but neither is it mine and I love her all the more for it. I hope my kids feel the same about me someday.

As parents we are all brave as we all get up every single day with the responsibility of feeding and nuturing tiny bodies and growing brains. I send you a hug from one brave parent to another.

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  1. I love this post Milly,I have only one little boy and I live in another country far from my family and my husband's family, so I understand you very well... this woman at the shop? she is the best, sometimes people who we didn't expect can open our eyes and I think you know you CAN DO IT! just sometimes is difficult to remember it with too much things to do and think. From mum to mum (or supermams)...a big hug from a spanish girl living in Holland ;) (and sorry for my english...)



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