Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Letter for my Friend

This is one of my closest friends, Gemma.

Gemma has two boys, very close in age to my two children, and I really want to tell her how amazing I think she is.

You see, Gemma is a single parent. She looks after her children independently; all week, all weekend, all year. She doesn't know I'm writing this and she would probably be cringed out if she knew I was. I think its so important to feel appreciated; whether you are a mum, dad, student, in work, a carer, a husband, a wife. Children are notoriously unappreciative. At four years old they don't have the capacity to appreciate how much people do for them; we all deal with it as parents, when your children lose their manners or demand too much; but I think the hardest thing about being a single mum (or dad) is that there isn't anyone there once the kids are in bed, to tell you you're doing an ok job and make you a cuppa. I want Gemma to know that she is doing an ok job. More than an ok job. A brilliant job. I would make her a cuppa every night if I could. If she drank tea. Which she doesn't. (I know; weirdo.)

Gemma isn't perfect. She wouldn't ever claim to be. This is why I love her so much. She isn't perfect; but she tries her best for her children. She cares. She worries. She wants her children to be happy, healthy and safe. In my eyes, that means she is a perfect mum to her boys.  Gemma, they are very lucky to have you as their mummy and one day when they are grown men, six inches taller than you with a chest full of hair, they will look down to you and think 'thank you, Mum'.

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