Sunday, 22 November 2015

Meal Inspiration #2

I said last week that I am trying to cut right down on our red meat consumption. I am not against red meat at all but it is definitely something that should be enjoyed only once or twice really because of the links with bowel and colon cancer. This week I have not bought any red meat (by red meat I mean beef and lamb) so lets see how we get on. It has definitely made me have to think a bit harder about our meals as I can't fall back on our family faves of spag bol/lasagne/cottage pies. I'm feeling kind of lazy this week so lots of these are easy (but healthy!) options.

Sausage Gnocchi Bake with Sneaky Vegetable Sauce.
This isn't a recipe specifically, mostly just me trying to use up some of the pasta in my cupboard! I will probably make a 'super sauce' to go with it, with whatever veggies we have left in the fridge - tomatoes, spinach, peppers, carrot, and blend it all up into a smooth sauce. Pop some breadcrumbs and cheese on top and job's a goodun'.

Thai Yellow Chicken Curry.
This weeks lazy tea. Made with chicken breast, shop bought curry paste and a tin of coconut milk. I will probably serve this with green beans and rice.

Sweet Chilli Salmon, Sweet Potato wedges and Tuscan Beanz.
What it says in the tin! Salmon foil parcels in the oven with some sweet chilli sauce and homemade sweet potato wedges. Can you tell I am feeling lazy this week?

Jamie Oliver's Hit 'n' Run Traybaked Chicken.
I found this recipe when looking online for 'dairy free' recipes, and it looks super easy. Jamie Oliver's recipes are almost always full of flavour which we like and I love these one pot, or one tray, healthy family dishes. Lots of colourful veggies and balsamic, but some chicken thrown in too to keep John and the kids happy.

Green soup and homemade bread.
An easy dinner of New Covent Garden Soup Company's Souper Greens soup. The kids will probably have tomato soup though. Served with some wholemeal bread done in the bread maker. Perfect winter supper!

We will also have a roast chicken dinner on Sunday at my mum and dads.

What are you planning to eat this week? Does anyone have any lovely recipes to share?

My grocery shop this week:

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