Thursday, 28 August 2014

Finding out the sex of my babies

During both of my pregnancies, I was asked daily by friends, viewers and strangers alike when I would be finding out the sex of my babies. When I replied ' the birth!' I was almost always met with the same confused expression. 'Why wouldn't you want to know now?' They would ask. 

But the truth is, I was adamant right from the start that I wanted to save that moment of finding out for when I met my babies for the first time. We live in a world where we have instant gratification; patience is becoming less and less required due to the advance of technology and social media. Until 50 years ago, it was impossible to even see unborn babies via ultrasound. Women trusted their bodies, and waited patiently for their children to make themselves known to the world. I suppose the traditionalist in me wanted to stay true to this and not interfere with the natural pattern of pregnancy and new life.

You could say it is tradition in my family to keep the sex of a baby a surprise. All of my cousins and aunties and even my mum chose not to find out, so I suppose I had little pressure from my family, they wanted to save the big reveal for the birth too. 

Of course there are pros to finding out; it is easier to get organised with decorating the nursery and buying clothes. It helps older siblings to understand about a new baby coming and for lots of people they feel it helps the bonding process during pregnancy.

For me, that magical moment when my babies left my womb and entered my arms was worth the long 9 months of waiting. Holding my beautiful children to my chest for the first time, absorbing every millimeter of their exquisite faces and to love them with every bone in my body; in that moment their gender wasn't important. The seconds pass by,  you embrace your partner and marvel together at this beautiful creation; and then the curiosity sets in. You peek in between their legs and discover whether this perfect child is your new son or daughter. The joy I felt at that moment was immeasurable, and I wouldn't of changed it for the world.

Did you find out the sex of your baby during pregnancy or after their birth? Would you do the same with future pregnancies? I'd love to hear your opinions on this topic!


  1. oh! I think is very exciting not to find out the sex until the birth and I think you are right about "be patient" ( I'm not patient at all...) but, in my case, I'm so happy that we found out because we had a lot of beautiful names for girl and none for boy!! so it was good to know the sex and have nine months for choose...if not maybe he still would not have a name! ( well, I call him always " bebè :) )

    hugs from Liège ! (and sorry again for my english..)


    1. That is very true! there are definitely pro's and con's to both and its of course a very personal decision. Your English is very good!

  2. I'm determined to not find out the gender for my second child. This post pretty much sums up the reason why, we all have such little patience in society today and not finding out the gender is one of the few surprises left! When it come to being pregnant with my second and I have wobbles like I know I will, I will be coming back to look at this post for sure! x



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