Saturday, 21 February 2015

Dreaming of Summer! A post about clothes.

A little while ago, I wrote a blog post all about my 'clothing wish list'. It was a great thing for me to do because it means I really think about what I need clothing wise and to look at the gaps in my wardrobe. As it happens, I did purchase a lot of the items on that list, or similar, and they have had lots of use ever since! Today is a dreary Saturday in mid February and I am dreaming of springtime. I really dislike this time of year and it its the period in the year that I feel most sad. Post Christmas blues and cold wet weather don't do much for my mood! Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed lots of spring and summer clothing items popping up in stores that I really really like. I thought I'd share some of these with you! 

The first piece is this Joules rain mac. I LOVE it. Summer's in the UK are always temperamental so a light rain mac would be very useful on wet days. Olive green is a colour which really suits me and I think the floral pattern added to this Mac make it very different and eye catching. I am hoping and praying this makes it into the sale as I just can't justify the £129 price tag as it is. For now I will keep dreaming of it! 

I don't ever go for yellow. I don't feel that it really suits me as I have a very yellow based skin tone and mustard/lemon just make me look green and ill. I was attracted to this Zara dress because it is literally sunshine in a garment. The marigold yellow would perhaps be a little more flattering on me and with a tan and pair of sandals, in the summer this would be beautiful! I probably won't ever buy it but I do enjoy the vision in my head right now.

I saw these boots on Estée from essiebutton's recent fashion haul video and instantly fell in love. I adore the periwinkle blue matched with the tan heel. These are different from anything I've ever owned but yet so wearable. I love how springy they are and these would be just as gorgeous with a pair of grey jeans and a white tee as they would a pretty white summer dress. I WANT!

While we are on the subject of Estée I might aswelI get this over with too! I saw her wearing this jumper on Instagram and then it was featured in her haul video and i thought it looked beautiful. It is not something I would usually pick as it is cropped (and white... I have two toddlers) but I want it! 

I am a jeans and trainers girl at heart and I've wanted a pair of Liberty print Nikes for aaaages. I saw these on Pinterest and  have been drooling over them for awhile. I have no idea if they are still available so if you have seen anything similar please let me know. I especially love those green ones. Yes please! 

The last item I wanted to share is this Boden sundress. Austin had a shirt with this pattern from primark last summer and at the time I thought 'I'd like a dress with that pattern' and low and behold Boden have done it! The colours are gorgeous and summery and I really like the shape, it has a very 50's vibe. Perhaps a little mumsy to some but to be honest I'm all about clothes these days that flatter my shape rather than choosing things that are fashionable. I have visions of me wearing this on a family day at the seaside in the summertime. Beaut! 

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