Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bryony May at 21 Months

I cannot believe I haven't published a blog post since JULY! Blogging is something that I really want to persevere with, I love writing, but finding the time is the challenge! I really would like to make the effort though in the run up to Christmas.

As my last blog post was all about my son, Austin, I thought it might be nice to do a little update on my daughter today. Bryony is 21 months old and very quickly becoming a real little girl! I haven't talked about her for months and I really don't want the months to pass by without capturing her at this precious age.

At 21 months, Bryony is charismatic. She is the type of child to walk into a room and command attention. Unlike her quieter, more introvert brother, she basks in attention and is unappreciative when she doesn't get it. I can't go anywhere without people stopping me to talk to Bryony. She simply has that 'je ne sais qois' that people seem to be very drawn to. She has always been like it and it is something that reminds me very much of her Dad. John is very likeable and when he meets people for the first time, they are always very taken with him. She isn't all her Dad, though. She is headstrong, and difficult to parent at times. Bryony doesn't have much respect for rules or boundaries and isn't too responsive to the discipline techniques we have tried, such as the naughty step. She is tough and fiery, but easier to distract than her older brother. She's outdoorsy. A total animal lover. 

Bryony is very talkative for her age, which is made stranger by the fact she is much smaller than average, with less hair than average too! To me, she still looks like a 12 month old baby... but a 12 month old talking in sentences! Some of her favourite things to say at 21 months are 'what's that noise?' 'I don't like it' 'look at the moon' and 'Austin's at school'. That last one is usually followed by a pouty face...

She simply adores her big brother and pines for him when he is at school. He makes her laugh more than any one else is able to and she loves to cuddle up next to him in a chair with a blanket. 

She walks and runs and climbs; but is still very keen on being carried ("NO BUGGY") which is getting trickier now she is getting big. I would guess she is about 24lb, and very short, so she's a chunky monkey! Her feet are a size 4H (she's got my small wide feet!) and she is in a mix of 12-18/18-24m clothing, and is starting to express a preference for her outfits, throwing the ones I choose across the room *sob!*

Bryony's favourite book at the moment is The Tiger Who Came to Tea. She still loves to play Babies, but also enjoys her model animals and Happyland sets.

I'd love to hear all about your little ones down below. Were they similar to little B at 21 months? 

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