Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Meal Inspiration #3

This week, I managed to spend a wee bit too much on food! I went to the supermarket without much of an idea of what I wanted, and I hadn't even looked at any recipes beforehand so I basically just bought what I fancied! While I definitely spend more money this way, I do enjoy it sometimes as it helps me to think a little more creatively when it comes to our meals rather than following a recipe (boooring!)

As last week we didn't eat any red meat, I thought John and I could have a steak for dinner as I special treat. I even bought some peppercorn sauce to go with it! We will probably have it with new potatoes left over in the fridge, or some sweet potato wedges, and salad. The kids will have chicken dippers because steak is expensive and they might not eat it anyway. Yep...mum of the year award goes to me!

Prawn Stir Fry.
The stir fry meal deal in Tesco caught my eye this week so I picked up a chinese vegetable pack, some rice noodles and some stir fry sauce. I thought we could have prawns with it.

Something I haven't had in a very long time is a joint of gammon, with mashed potatoes, parsley sauce and peas, so I decided to get a little gammon joint this week. I haven't decided how I will cook it yet but I did buy red potatoes for optimal mash. Possible slow cooker jobby? We will see.

Mum's Nando's.
We love Nando's. If we ever find ourselves in a city centre or shopping mall, we almost always go for a Nando's over any other chain. As we don't live close by to a restaurant I sometimes like to do a homemade version at home, where I roast chicken drumsticks in the oven with shop bought Nando's medium marinade. This week I plan to serve it with mexican rice (Uncle Ben's finest) corn on the cob, and a copy of 'macho pea's' which is basically bashed up peas with chilli, butter and mint. Delish!

Boiled Eggs and soldiers for the kids. Crab ravioli for the grown ups.
Requires little explanation. The kids love a good soft boiled egg with soldiers especially now Austin is having a full cooked dinner at school everyday. I will feed them early and once they are in bed, John and I can have our treat Tesco Finest crab pasta, drizzled with olive oil and served with a bit of salad and balsamic dressing.

Sausages and mash.
I have a few sausages in the freezer we need to eat so I thought I could serve these with the rest of the red potatoes mashed, and the rainbow chard I got which looks gorgeous.

Our grocery haul for this week!

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