Sunday, 6 December 2015

Meal Inspiration #4

This week, John and I went food shopping together which doesn't happen often and almost always ends up in us buying far too much naughty stuff *cough* mince pies *cough*! If you want to see what food we bought for this week, the video will be linked at the bottom of this post!

For this weeks meals, I was a little inspired by slimming world. I did the plan in between having my children and had lots of success with it; its also a more 'healthy' and 'clean' way of losing weight while following a structured plan (what I need as I'm a greedy guts!). I think I want to follow the plan again after Christmas so I can slim down a bit for our wedding in August, and I have been doing lots of reading of Slimming World inspired recipes this week which has definitely inspired lots of my meal ideas for this week.

Singapore Noodles.
Noodles with chicken breast, prawns, lots of vegetables, and a curry inspired asian sauce. Basically souped up stir fry.

Roast Chicken Dinner.
What it says on the tin. A British roast dinner with all the trimmings. Always a winner and a great option to have a good full plateful of healthy, slimming world friendly food such as lean meat, potatoes and vegetables!

Jamie Olivers Chicken Stew.
I bought a large chicken this week, with the hope of getting two meals out of it. I looked up chicken stew recipes online and this is the one that popped out; who doesn't love a bit of Jamie O. This is used with the chicken carcass so lots of goodness from those bones, with bacon, celeriac and homemade dumplings. Lovely, hearty food for this cold, windy weather.

Fish Pie.
More hearty goodness! I make the sauce with half milk, half fish stock and add in lots of sweetcorn and peas, with a mashed potato crispy top. I usually serve greens on the side too to up the veggie intake.

Beef Burgers with Salad.
I found some burgers in the freezer that I want to get eaten before Christmas, so we will have these with bread rolls, lots of salad and maybe some homemade chips on the side if I can be bothered. Our 'red meat treat' of the week. Still doing well with keeping it down to once a week!

Roasted vegetable tagliatelle with salmon.
A simple roasted vegetable(whatever is left in the fridge) tagliatelle pasta with sundried tomato dressing made with olive oil; served with a bit of salmon on the side.

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